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May 23rd, 2015 - Busy Memorial Day Weekend for Howard Moore
Howard Moore opened an ultra-busy, Memorial Day weekend of racing on Friday evening with a trip to Timberline Speedway (Corley, Texas) for an Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Red River Region Sprint Car event.

Twenty-six entries took part in the event, and an 8th to 6th run in his heat race transferred Howard to the main event in the 14th starting spot. Howard advanced to as high as the 9th position before having to dodge a spun car. As he ran off the track he broke a steering arm, which ended his night. He was credited with an 17th place finish. Full results from the events are available at

Saturday evening took the team to Jackson Motor Speedway (Byram, Mississippi) for the opening round of the United Sprint Car Series (USCS) Speedweek. Thirty-three entries took part in the event, and the night would prove to be a battle for Howard. He spent much of the night trying to get a handle on his entry before missing the transfer to the feature by a single spot in the b-main as his night came to an early end.

On Sunday evening the team was slated to compete at Greenville Speedway (Greenville, Mississippi), but Mother Nature washed the program away.

Full results from the event are available at