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Driver: Howard Moore
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
DOB: 12-27-96
Height: 5' 7 "
Weight: 145 lbs
Marital Status: Single
Division: 360 Winged Sprint Cars
Years Racing: 360 Winged Sprint Cars (4 Year)
305 Winged Sprint Cars (2 Year)
Micro Sprints (5 Years)
Chassis: XXX
Engine: David McCarver Racing Engine
Team Owner: William & Shari Moore
Favorite Movie: Days of Thunder
Favorite Food: Barbecue
Favorite Race Track: Tulsa Expo Raceway (Tulsa, OK)
Racing Hero: Tony Stewart (Because of how much he gives back to the sport)
Most Memorable Moment: Winning the first night of the USCS Fall Nationals in my Micro Sprint and charging from 15th to 6th at the Tulsa Shootout
Race Most Like to Win: Chili Bowl: Tulsa Expo Center (Tulsa, OK)
Crew Chief: William Moore
Crew: Moore Motorsports is a family operation, where the entrie family including William, Shari, Christie, and Howard work together, whether it be during the week getting the car ready or at the track.
Brief History

Howard began racing dirt when he was 9 years old. Howard ran with the Mississippi Dirt Series for two years.  The first year he was third in one class and fourth in the other one.  Moore really wanted the championship so he ran with the series again the next year.  That year he won the championship in one class and placed second in the other one.

Howard's last year in Go-Karts the team bought a micro sprint, and he was hooked immediately.  He would still race the Go-Kart and occasionally raced the Micro Sprints. Since he was only eleven, there wasn’t much opportunity for him to race with people his own age, so he started out slowly.  Also because of his age, they were hesitant to let him race at some tracks. Howard would be fortunate enough to have other racers and track owners speak on his behalf that "He could handle it".  

At the end of the 2009 season Moore raced a kart for Shane James at the Batesville Indoor Kart Nationals.  He started in the 16th position and finished in the fourth position after being out of a kart for almost an entire year.

2010 was his second full year to run a Micro Sprint and at 13 years old he was in victory lane twice at Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, Arkansas) .  One of the wins was a weekly Saturday night show, but the other was at the USCS Winter Nationals. He had 13 top fives (five of which were second place runs), 17 top tens, and 10 heat wins. 

Moore has raced at fifteen different tracks in seven different states in the Micro Sprints.

Howard started off 2011 at the Tulsa Shootout in Tulsa Oklahoma.  There were 96 cars in his class.  He made the line up for Saturday nights feature on Friday during the first round of qualifying.  He would go on to start the feature in the 15th position and ended the race in the sixth position.

In 2011 Howard raced in three different classes.  Mostly Outlaw 600, some stock and a few restrictor classes. Along the way he claimed five feature wins.

For the 2012 season Howard again entered several Mini Sprint events, but also began racing in the 305 Wingless Sprint Car division in the Jones Motorsports division. He enjoyed success in the class, and later in the year began piloting a 360 Winged Sprint Car as well, where he again quickly exceled. He registered two wins in the Mini Sprint class.

Howards racing goal is to one day work his way to the World of Outlaws, and maybe one day race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series or USAC Division. Howard will be running many different tracks in 2011. He is going to run a couple of races in the ASCS2 series, a couple of races in the Powri series, some in the USCS 600 sprint series and some in the Georgia mini sprint series. Howard will be racing in several different states which consist of Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri and Oklahoma.

With many appearances at car shows and other such outings, Howard knows how to talk to people and his fans.  He knows how to represent himself, as well as his sponsors, and would make a great representative for anyone looking to use motorsports as their way of marketing.

Go-Kart Career Summary
In Go-Karting from summer 2005 until winter 2007 and partial year in 2008 Howard had 76 starts with the following stats:

- 37 feature wins
- 32 top five showings, not including the wins
- 7 top ten showings, not including any of the above

He raced asphalt from summer of 2005 until summer 2007.  In summer 2007 we raced both dirt and asphalt karts.  In 2008 he raced both dirt karts and micro sprints.

He has the following championships:
Dacosa Speedway Track Champion Summer Series in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Dacosa Speedway Track Champion Winter Series in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

He still, to this day, holds the fast time record in the Sportsman Champ 2 division since that he set on July 7th, 2007.

He won Kart and Driver award @ Dacosa Speedway in 2006.

Batesville Indoor National Kart Championship in 2009 he raced for Shane James Motorsports and qualified 16th and got a podium 4th place finish.  

In the Mississippi Dirt Series in 2007 he was 4th in points in the champ kart and 3rd in points in the flat kart.  This was his first year on dirt.

In the Mississippi Dirt Series in 2008 he was 2nd in points in the regular series and won the Championship in the Super Speedway Series. Winning that series gave him the custom made champion leather jacket that he had his eyes on for two years. 

In 2007 he was invited to a team race in Causeyville, MS where he would set the starting position for the next person in a higher class on his team and so on.  He won and put the guy on the pole. Their team placed third. He was so happy that night because that was his first "big check" he won.  Not the real money but the poster size one!  He won $725.00 that night.

In both 2007 and 2008 the team was invited to an invitation only Maxxis National Championship in Neeces, SC at the Thunder Valley Motorplex. In 2007, he was the only karter in all classes from the Mississippi series to qualify both nights.  The first night he placed 6th. The second night, he was running second with five laps remaining, when a spinning lap kart came out of turn four and wrecked into him. He caught Howard's rear wheel and broke the spindle. In 2008, he struggled from the word go. The team hired someone they had met the previous year to wrench for them, provide the tires and all Howard was supposed to do is arrive with his kart. The "hired help" didn't show up!  Howard had a kart, two sets of old tires and a very small toolbox.  Saying that, they still had a good time, but were just furious with the man that stood them up.