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June 15, 2019 - Howard Moore Pilots Rains Motorsports Sprinter at Riverside
`Howard Moore kicked off a two-race stand at Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, Arkansas) on Friday night.

The $3,000-to-win, Hooker Hood Classic brought 24 Sprint Cars to the 1/4-mile oval. Behind the wheel of the Rains Motorsports No. 3 Sprint Car, Howard failed to make up much ground in his heat race, which left him starting 17th on the grid for the finale.

Despite starting deep in the field, Moore mounted a phenomanl run in the $3,000-to-win feature. By the late stages of the event, he worked his way into the second spot. Howard was able to close in on the leader on multiple occasions but couldn't complete the pass. He went on finish second behind Zach Pringle with Dale Howard, Brad Bowden and Derek Hagar completing the Top-5 finishers.

Saturday night found Moore returning to the 1/4-mile oval for the inaugural Greg Hodnett Memorial. Twenty-five drivers entered the $3,000-to-win program, and Howard started sixth in the feature after recording a runner-up finish in his heat race.

The main event found him racing to a fifth-place finish.

Howard also received the Greg Hodnett Pursuing Excellence Award.

"I physically received the Greg Hodnett Pursuing Excellence award that was awarded at the banquet back in February last night," he said. "It is a privilege to be the first recipient of the award. I hope to be of Greg Hodnett's caliber one day. It was very special for me to see Mike Ward receive the same award last night being my crew chief and the driver of Mr. Hoyt's B car winning 56 out of 58 races!

"I also want to say a special thanks to Rains Motorsports for the opportunity to driver their car. I'm also grateful that Mike [Ward] has been right there with me every step of the way. I am positive that the three of us along with the rest of the team can be competitive on any given night. We will see y’all together again at the track next weekend."

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June 1, 2019 - Howard Moore Battles More Adversity at I-30 Speedway
`The team rolled into I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas) on Saturday night, where they were looking for a change in their recent bad luck.

With 17 drivers in action, Howard started third in his heat race in his Dynamic Electric No. 40 Sprinter and was up to the second position, when mechanical gremlins again struck. He shut the car down immediately, and was unfortunately, forced to retire from the remainder of the night's events.

"I am grateful to Mr. Mike Ward, Ricky, Chris Chappue and Daddy," Howard said. "I am so grateful for all of the team working together all week. Even though we have not had the best of luck lately, it is no reflection of the time put in to make sure we are on top of our game. I appreciate everyone for 'hanging in there'."

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May 25, 2019 - USCS Speedweek Takes Howard Moore on the Road
`Howard Moore kicked off the 2019 United Sprint Car Series (USCS) Outlaw Thunder Speedweek on Friday night at Greenville Speedway (Greenville, Mississippi).

Thirty-three entries entered the event, and struggles in his heat race sent Howard to the B-Main. His luck improved in the B-Main as he charged to the win to earn the 16th-starting spot for the feature.

Early in the feature Moore was advancing through the pack, when he received hard contact from another competitor. The team made repairs, but a few laps later Howard was forced to retire with a broken front end. He was credited with a 22nd-place finish.

Saturday night brought the team to their home track, Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, Arkansas) for the second race of the weekend. Thirty-nine entries took part in the program, and an eighth-to-third run in his heat race made Howard the second-highest driver in passing points.

The redraw positioned Howard fifth on the starting grid for the finale. He raced in the Top-5 throughout the feature before being credited with a fifth-place finish behind Jeff Swindell, Marshall Skinner, Sammy Swindell and Derek Hagar.

On Monday night the team traveled to Lexington 104 Speedway (Lexington, Tennessee) for another USCS Speedweek event. Unfortunately, he experienced mechanical issues early in the night that forced him to park his familiar No. 40. Thankfully, A.G. Rains generously allowed Moore to start his car in the feature. Howard started 20th on the grid and raced his way to a fifth-place finish.

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April 27, 2019 - Moore Returns to Competition at Jackson
`Howard Moore trekked south to Jackson Motor Speedway (Byram, Mississippi) on Saturday night for an American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) regional showdown between the Mid-South region and Gulf South Region.

Howard advanced from third to second in his heat race to earn the eighth-starting spot for the 25-lap finale.

Unfortunately luck wouldn't be on Moore's side in the main event as he slipped to a 16th-place finish.

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March 30, 2019 - Howard Moore Hustles to Top-5 Finish at Hammer Hill
Friday night took Howard Moore to I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas) where he took his Senter Farms No. 40 Dynamic Electric/ Stinson's Industrial Sprint Car into battle in an event that was sanctioned by the American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) Mid-South Region, Sooner Region, and Lone Star Region.

With 33 competitors in action, Howard finished fourth in his heat race, which sent him to a B-Main.

A win in the B-Main locked Howard into the 15th-starting spot for the 25-lap feature. He mounted a great run in the feature to advane to a fourth-place finish behind Harli White, Sam Hafertepe Jr. and Wayne Johnson.

Saturday night's event at the 1/4-mile oval was rained out.

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March 23, 2019 - First Win of 2019 Comes at I-30 Speedway for Howard Moore
1Howard Moore returned to I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas) on Saturday night, where he was looking for redemption from the bad luck that he encountered a week earlier at the 1/4-mile oval.

Consider it mission accomplished as he outran the competition and Mother Nature to pick up the victory in his Senter Farms No. 40 Dynamic Electric/ Stinson's Industrial Sprint Car.

Twenty-one cars entered the event, and Howard kicked off his night by winning his heat race from the fourth-starting spot. Via passing points he locked into the pole position for the feature.

With rain fast approaching, the feature event was rushed to the track. Howard jumped to the lead as the race went green. Unfortunately, the next several laps found Howard and the field enduring multiple caution flags. On the 14th circuit rain arrived, cutting the feature short by six laps. Moore was credited with the victory, which marked his first of 2019.

"I won the race, but sure wish we had finished all 20 laps scheduled," Moore commented. "I'm still very thankful for the victory. I am grateful to Mr. Mike Ward, Ricky Holder, and Mr. Chris Chappue for all of the help last night. I am so grateful for all of the team working together all week to keep us on top of the game."

Howard returns to I-30 Speedway this Friday and Saturday for the first American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) Mid-South Region events of the season. The weekend is also co-sanctioned by the ASCS Sooner Region. Make sure to bring
your kids to the races as Howard Moore Racing is paying the grandstand admission on Friday night for the first 100 kids (ages 6-12)!

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March 16, 2019 - Howard Moore Crashed Out at I-30 Speedway
1Howard Moore kicked off the Winged Sprint Car portion of his 2019 season on Saturday evening at I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas).

Unfortunately, luck would not be on his side.

With 27 Sprint Cars registered for action, Howard hit the ground running by winning his heat race from the pole starting spot. Via passing points, he locked into the seventh-starting spot for the feature.

Early in the finale he slipped back as far as the 10th position before rebounding to the seventh position. Unfortunately, a few laps later, a car spun in front of Howard, leaving him with nowhere to go. The ensuing contact sidelined the No. 40 from the remainder of the event.

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Februray 3, 2019 - Howard Moore Recognized at Riverside Banquet
1Howard Moore attended the 2018 Riverside International Speedway banquet on Saturday night. Going into the banquet he knew that he would be recognized as the 2019 Track Champion, but he received an additional, unexpected award.

Howard was presented with the inaugural Greg Hodnett Pursuing Excellence Award.

"I can't find the words to express how grateful I was to be garnered the Greg Hodnett Pursuing Excellence award," Moore said. "That very well may top any award I have been given thus far. I am honored and humbled to have been given this award from his best friend Clayton Allen.

"I want to thank everyone for helping me get to where I am. I know it isn't an award that I could achieve on my own and I appreciate all of the support. Thanks to Mr. David Berryman for his support and joining us at the banquet. Thanks to Mr. Mike Ward for helping me weekly no matter what car we are racing and always being there for me. His help is unwavering and means a lot to me.

"I am ready to get the year started and I am hoping for the best one yet."

Howard also claimed the 2018 American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) Mid-South Region Championship.

January 19, 2019 - Howard Moore Enters First-Career Chili Bowl
1Howard Moore embarked on his first-career Chili Bowl on Friday night. He took the Chris Chappue-owned #41 Midget into battle in the preliminary event for the 33rd running of the event.

Howard started on the pole of his heat races before finishing second to Tucker Klaasmeyer. His performance sent him to a qualifier, where he started one the pole before slipping to a sixth-place finish.

He was then seeded into a B-Main, where he finished fifth, one spot short of a transfer spot to the preliminary feature, bringing his night to an early end.

On Saturday afternoon the final day of the 33rd annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl came to life. Via points, Howard started 14th in the second E-Feature. He advanced three sports to an 11th-place finish, but with only the Top-5 finishers moving on his weekend came to an early end.

Even though he had hope for better results, Howard had a great time and learned a lot in his first Chili Bowl venture. He'll return in 2020 and look to capitalize on what he learned in his rookie venture.

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January 8, 2019 - Moore Tallies Four Win 2018 Season
Howard Moore competed in a total of 30 events during the 2018 season where he captured four wins aboard his Stinson’s Industrial #40 Dynamic Electric/ XXX Chassis/ David McCarver Racing Engine Sprint Car. Losing 10 of his scheduled dates to Mother Nature, Moore recorded 19 Top-10 outings and 12 Top-5 finishes.

December 15, 2018 - Howard Moore Competes in Junior Knepper Memorial
1Howard Moore returned to action on Saturday evening with a trip to the Southern Illinois Center, where he was behind the wheel of the Chris Chappue Racing #55 Midget.

The annual Junior Knepper Memorial drew a field of 70 Midgets to the indoor bull ring.

After pulling a big number at the pill draw, Howard started ninth in his heat race before moving to a 5th-place finish. Qualifier action positioned Moore on the pole, and a few bobbles relegated him to a third-place finish.

The top 14 in points from preliminary action locked into the feature. Unfortunately, Moore was 22nd, so he was forced to run a B-Main. He raced to a third-place finish in his B-Main, which earned him the 17th-starting position for his first-career, Midget feature.

The feature was a learning experience for the talented, young driver. He went down a lap early in the event, but turned strong laps throughout the remainder of the race on his way to a 12th-place finish.

"It was a great experience as I prepare to enter my first Chili Bowl in January," Moore said. "I want to win every race I enter, but I was just proud to finish the 55-lap race. I just want to thank everyone, who made this possible. I can't wait until the Chili Bowl."

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October 13, 2018 - Howard Moore Earns Pole Position in First Flip-Flop Feature
1The United Sprint Car Series (USCS) sanctioned the opening round of the annual Flip Flop 54 on Friday night as 33 competitors converged on the 1/4-mile gumbo oval.

Howard started his night by winning his heat race from the pole position in his Dynamic Electric No. 40 Sprinter. Via his performance he was the fourth-highest point earner, which locked him into the pole scramble.

Howard charged to the win in the pole scramble to lock into the pole position for the first of two Saturday night, $2,700-to-win features. Unfortunately, rain on Saturday would force the balance of the weekend to be postponed by October 27.

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October 6, 2018 - Howard Moore Finishes Third in 31st Annual COMP Cams Short Track Nationals; Clinches 2018 ASCS Mid-South Region Championship
1Howard Moore entered the opening round of the 31st annual COMP Cams Short Track Nationals at I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas) on Friday night.

With 73 Sprinters entered Howard won his heat race from the third-starting position. He started fourth in his qualifier before slipping to a sixth-place finish. Via points, he started fourth in the B-Main. Moore challenged for the third-and-final transfer spot for the duration of the B-Main, before finishing fourth, which left him one spot short of a transfer, ending his night.

On Saturday night the stakes were raised as a $10,141 top prize was posted for the finale of the mega event. Seventy-four drivers looked to take their best shot at notching their names into the history books, and Howard hit the ground running by winning his heat race from the third-starting spot. He backed up his heat race performance with a fifth-to-second run in his qualifier.

1Via his preliminary performances Howard locked into not only the feature, but also the Mike Pack Building Materials Dash for Cash. Charging to the $500 win in the Dash, Howard earned the pole position for the 41-lap finale, where he was joined on the front row by Joe B Miller.

As the feature went green Howard jumped to the early lead and extended his early advantage to as much as half a straight away over Miller and a hard-charging Blake Hahn.

Moore led until lap 13, when Hahn shot by for the lead. He pursued the new leader for the next several laps. Late in the race, Sam Hafertepe Jr. moved in to challenge Moore for the runner-up spot and the duo battled side by side for the ensuing circuits. Hafterepe Jr. eventually took over the runner-up spot, pushing Howard back to the third position.

The Memphis, Tennessee racer went on to finish third behind Hahn and Hafertepe Jr. and with his effort achieved the best COMP Cams Short Track Nationals finish of his career. With his performance he also clinched the 2018 American Sprint Car Series Mid-South Region Championship.

"My Friday night performance wasn't too spectacular, but we definitely turned it around on Saturday night," Moore commented. "To finish third in the Short Track Nationals might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but it's something very special to me. Our goal is to always win, but a podium in a race of that magnitude feels like a win. To also claim the ASCS Mid-South Region Championship on the same night, just makes things that much sweeter.

"I am grateful to Mr. Mike Ward for all he's done to help my team this year. I also want to recognize my Dad, Rickey and Mr. Billy for all of their hard work. Even on those nights, when I fall out of the seat they stand behind me. Last, but not least I want to thank all of my sponsors and my fans for their never-ending support."

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